1200 on 18/03/2009In position 15:32.19N, 032:38.83W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Wed 18 Mar 2009 16:24
All ok onboard - 92 miles run noon to noon so we are getting a little faster. Today we have raised the cruising chute again and are making 4-5 knts in the right direction under a 10-12 knt breeze from the NE. Should reach the quarter way point later today, halfway probably next Tues/Weds if we hold the current conditions. Phil's watch last night was interrupted when he heard a thud and flapping on deck - couldn't see anything with the torch until he heard more frantic flapping from further aft where a 9" long flying fish was lying on the transom step frantically trying to reunite itself with the ocean it had just flown out of. After a helping hand it was back where it belonged - hopefully to log many more 'flying hours'
Sperm Whale visit - Unfortunately our blog of two days back appears not to have gone - technical hitch as they say. This is an extract.............. "Just after midday Nikki was startled by a sound alongside the boat which turned out to be a baby Sperm whale around 15-20 ft long, obviously fascinated by our underwater profile it came for a close look. Mother could be seen in the distance which is exactly where we wanted her to stay. We were concerned when the baby then moved the other side of us putting us between it and its mother. However nothing untoward happened and we enjoyed the magical moment of seeing a whale so close. In fact we were surrounded by whales in the distance their gushing spout easy to spot from some way off. Pics to follow in due course! "