Church Creek on the South River - Bird -Dog !!

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Fri 23 Aug 2013 15:11
Position 38:57.46N, 076:32.49W
We stayed in Annapolis for just four nights which was long enough for one enthusiastic Osprey to eye up our masthead and decide it would make a great nesting place. Our attention was drawn to this absurd act on the last morning we were there when the 'Admiral' found a largish stick lying on the deck. Strange we said, must have dropped out of the claws of a passing Osprey on its way to building a nest somewhere. Strange, Ospreys aren't prone to dropping anything they have in their claws, talons or whatever they are called. They rely on this means of transporting their catch back to nests when they are feeding their young. Looking aloft gave a clue as to where that nest might be as there were other sticks overhanging the masthead. It was definitely time to get out of town as Osprey nests are legally protected in this country. Had it been finished with the couple standing back and admiring their basket weaving then we could have been in a spot of bother. But half finished creations don't count in our eyes and we yanked up the anchor and motored out no doubt leaving two very confused birds looking for something that wasn't there anymore. We still have some evidence aloft which we hope we can shake down by heading into the wake of a passing powerboat. Usually we like to avoid such wakes!
Whilst sitting here in a tiny cove off Church Creek in the South River an email arrived. It was from good friends we had 'summered' with in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala bringing the sad news that our adopted dock dog Spice had passed into Doggy Heaven. We have many good memories of this gentle mutt that had outward pointing feet which in no way hindered her rapid progress along the dock at the sound of approaching strangers. Spice would patiently wait for hours each morning outside the boat for a piece of ham from 'Skip's' allowance and if we were late up, as would often be the case, she would shelter from the sweltering sun in the shade of an electrical outlet ambushing us as we emerged into the cockpit. We didn't know her age but she did make our time in Monkey Bay that much more enjoyable and we hope she's now in a better place.
     Good ol' Spice !