Safe arrival in Portobello, Panama

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Mon 13 Feb 2012 18:21
In position 9:33.50N, 79:39.86W
We arrived in Portobello around 1500 hours yesterday afternoon leaving Roatan some 600 miles in our wake. All in all a good passage with mostly favourable winds. Fully expecting the wind to die as we neared the Panamanian coast it actually increased so we didn't even have to motor the final miles except to try and race an incoming squall as we were closing Portobello.
With fishing rights re-established by the 'Admiral' yesterday morning and the remains of the previous Tuna now safely frozen (we thought), four fishing lures were immediately deployed hoping to catch a small bonus fish to barbecue on arrival. Around midday the electric fishing reel screamed to announce that we may well indeed have some fresh tasty morsels to incinerate later. After clearing decks and donning gloves we landed a 10lb Bonito, basically another Tuna variety i.e dark meat. Like the first it was girthy and once safely anchored a few hours later 'Skip' set about hacking the fish apart under the guise of filleting and steaking. As this was in progress an anguished cry from the 'Admiral' from below proclaimed that all the ice we still had in the freezer was now melted (warm cocktails!!), and that some of the previous Tuna was thawing, (food poisoning?). With fish everywhere in various states of preparation or storage it looked like we would be eating the stuff breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week. The 'Admiral' was not in the perkiest of moods, assuming that our romantic Valentine's Day supper tomorrow would consist of guess what, another load of old Ajaya Tuna! Feast or famine as the saying goes........................
This morning we need to get ashore and get checked in so we will be $300 lighter by this evening. No funds therefore to eat out - still, plenty of fish available onboard.