1200 on 26/3/09 in position 13:58.82N, 047:35.58W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Thu 26 Mar 2009 16:43
All OK on board - wind gradually decreased overnight so the foredeck crew (skipper) deployed the cruising chute & did some pole dancing with the Genoa at first light.  Skimming along at 4ish knots now.
Fishing lines out both sides but the lures are taking a hammering. Our prize catcher, the Rampala, was hauled in last night with a set of hooks missing & a nasty bite out of its tail.  The deputy lure has just been reeled in with similar injuries plus huge scratches & the clear plastic plaining piece bitten clear off.  We wonder - what is out there!!!
Still it is baking day & a fresh loaf has just been taken out of the oven followed by a date & walnut cake.............