Jackson Creek - Deltaville

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 1 Nov 2009 22:48
37:32.95N, 76:19.92W
We arrived in Deltaville on Friday, having actually managed to sail much of the way down from Reedville. Weather continues to vary, sunny, warm and humid on Friday, wet, cold and miserable today, Sunday.
Last night we had very strong winds in the anchorage which changed from southerly in the afternoon to northly in the early hours. Being Halloween night we enjoyed the sight of a bright full moon peeking through the scudding clouds whilst we played doorstep 'pumpkin spotting'  through binoculars around the various houses fronting the creek. (We were only looking for pumpkins in case anyone thinks we have become 'peeping Toms'.).
One advantage of being anchored out on your boat on Halloweens  -  No 'Trick or Treaters' banging on your door! Unless unfortunately nature plays it's own version of 'Trick or Treat' as it did with the boat we have recently been in company with, who found themselves aground on the mud at 0400 in the morning having taken in some scope through fear of getting too close to us when the wind changed then having dragged anchor. They were up and about laying a kedging anchor and 200ft of chain out in the strong wind and rain whilst the rest of us were tucked up in bed. We did feel for them. Cruising can deal some cruel cards sometimes. Speaking of which, we, like many others are tuned in to the awful pirate situation with the British couple held in Somalia, We hope it works out ok for them. Our thoughts are with them and their families.
Tomorrow we are off to Chismam Creek off the Poquoson River, some 20 miles to the south. This makes Norfolk a likely target for Tuesday for a few days. The laundry basket is heaving.
Some pics of Ajaya motor-sailing towards Deltaville