Onwards to Peniche

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Mon 13 Oct 2008 10:57
39:21.13N 9:22.61W
We left Nazare with the intention of moving onwards to Cascais but after a delay because we couldn't get the starboard engine started and the predominence of lobster pots along the coast we didn't fancy navigating our way through those in the dark so close inshore, and as Cascais was a good 65-70 miles away, we settled for a night in Peniche, another fishing port just 25 miles down the coast. Unlike Nazare, Peniche has a rather dirty harbour, full of plastic bags, dead crabs and various other items. Numerous dead seagulls floated past on the tide, although they probably won't be sorely missed in this part of the world. We had liked Nazare, but couldn't muster the same feelings for Peniche and so restricted our stay to just the one night. One lighthearted moment was when the local policeman came onboard to check our papers and noticed Nikki's birth date of April 1st at which point he errupted into laughter and made some comments in Portuguese about lunatics! He was good natured at least and we partook in his humour.
Whilst in port and secured to a pontoon we took the opportunity to remove the starboard starter motor (yet again) and re-configured the thick high amperage cable which supplies the ooomph to turn the engine over. The starter worked fine whn connected straight to the battery in the cockpit (much to Nikki's concern as the starter jumped across the cockpit when the current was applied). Anyway it was put back together again and has started first time since so fingers crossed! Whilst there we fiddled with the new outboard which hasn't been off the mounting on the gantry since we put it there in Gosport. It fired up first time and I went for a celebratory spin in the near vicinity of the boat It worked fine, especially the hoisting tackle to get it from the gantry mount onto the dinghy. We had visions of my retirement present from Opal ending up at the bottomn of the sea, especially with my knots!
After an early night we woke at first light to head towards Cascais.