1200 on 23/3/2009 In position 14:37.29N, 040:07.73W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Mon 23 Mar 2009 16:57
All ok onboard - steady progress continues as we pass the half way mark on the 2000 mile crossing. Phil dealt with a crashed flying fish as he came on watch last night when a metallic twang announced its arrival onboard via the davit or boom - not sure which but he must have had an awful headache! A right mess with blood splattered across the aft deck - over fenders, everywhere. Phil helped it back into the ocean, but its wingman wasn't so lucky, crash landing on the foredeck during the night and subsequently being found dried to parchment on mid morning deck inspection. Its a dangerous life in the Flying Fish Core! It is bread and cake baking day today and the boat is filled with interesting aromas. It was suggested that some flying fishcakes could be produced but the idea didn't find favour with the chef.