Christmas in Guanaja, Honduras.......

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Wed 2 Jan 2013 19:21
We didn't plan to spend the festive season in two different countries. It's just the way it turned out. We had intended to move on to Roatan to stock up before heading for 'Isla' as it's known to cruisers. However, the weather window seemed OK for moving north between Christmas and New Year so we took it. Here are our memories of the Christmas Day feast at the Manati Restaurant, Guanaja where the hosts Clause & Annette kindly put on a FREE Turkey and Fish meal as they always do each year (bless them) whilst the visiting cruisers and local ex Pats supplied the 'trimmings' and desserts.
The assembled fleet...........                            The Tree is up (we are sure it's been there all year!)
The turkey arrives, one of two........the Mahi Mahi's on the table........and the 'Admiral's Nut Roast looks magnificent trimmed with carrots!
Pre-dinner drinks and posing before we get stuck in.......
'Cruiser's' table although there were not enough chairs for some reason and we had to share one.....then it was up for the desserts
Needless to say the food was absolutely delicious and we had a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas Day feast with the best of company.
As we found last time we were in Guanaja the 'no see-ums' are to be feared on this island. There were very few of us that were not affected by these vicious bugs that are the size of a spec of dust. They can leave you with welts on your body the size of pennies making you scratch like a dog with fleas. Absolute purgatory! It was time to get out.  So, after only six days in Honduras, on December 26th we cleared Immigration and obtained a Zarpe for Isla Mujeres, Mexico.