1200 on 27/3/2009 In position 13:55.32N, 049:02.18W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Fri 27 Mar 2009 18:49
All ok onboard. Today we have another sail in sight some 3-4 miles astern of us slightly to the north. Their white spinnaker makes an impressive sight, particularly when we look ahead and see our old cruising chute of dubious origins flapping away on our bow. It certainly wasn't made for this boat. No doubt they will be past us and away before sunset as we continue onwards with just 600 odd miles to go. Last night the  breeze all but gave up and we drifted along at 1-2 knts giving the autopilot the night off as it was struggling to cope with so little water flow over the rudders and consuming loads of amps trying to do so - We also struggled to cope in the fitful breeze, but sunrise brought with it some stronger airs to get us going again. On the 'Skippers boiled sweets consumed on night watch to stay awake allowance'  last night was off the Richter scale and we are badly in need of finding an off-shore corner sweet shop full of all the jars of goodies we remember from our childhood. 
Our 'friends' the Amberjacks found one of the two lures we were trailing yesterday and we reeled in a good sized meal for 2 in the early afternoon just as Nikki had produced a full oven of bread, cake and a bean roast for dinner. The fish was exquisite - the bean roast is bound to be exquisite tonight. Fishing again tomorrow!