Birthday Bash pics - slightly late post!

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 3 Jul 2011 00:04
Phil's 59th Birthday wasn't allowed to pass without due celebration, so with friends Roberta & Steve, Fabio & Eleanor we took off in two of the dinghies to a local restaurant a mile up river where we sat in water-side seats to enjoy an evenings nosh. Fabio and Eleanor presented a can of real Heinz Baked Beans from their dwindling stores (a treat to look forward to) wrapped in a good sized bin liner which the 'Admiral' immediately purloined for galley trash duties.
Steve had to sit all evening with a very wet bottom due to some high jinks in the dinghy on the way. Still hadn't dried out by the time we returned to our boats. Never mind - the water is fresh and very warm so no damage done. We had a great evening. Earlier in the day Roberta had baked some Brownies which tasted just fantastic - the picture looks good enough to eat! Bring 'em on anytime Roberta - doesn't have to be a special occasion!
                  Fresh Brownies                                                                               The puzzle shirt lives on!- Fabio took the photo so not in picture
                                                                         Our esteemed photographer - Fabio