Great Sale Cay for a day or so

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Mon 11 May 2015 16:53
In position 26:59.18N, 078:12.93W
We arrived at the fairly remote and uninhabited Great Sale Cay yesterday afternoon after a very pleasant sail from Allans-Penascola Cay, marred only by an extremely close encounter with a sleek Sports Fishing boat careering along at 25-30 knots heading straight for us and obviously not looking where he was going. When it would have been too late for us to take any avoiding action due to his extreme speed against our own 5 knots he finally realised the situation and slewed his boat right across our bows with his wake throwing everything around down below. The two idiots on the flybridge looked shocked as they had obviously been chatting away to each other with the craft on autopilot. So thanks for scary experience you two and hope you have a thoroughly rotten fishing trip.  In fact there were numerous such craft blasting across from Florida to fish in the Bahamas especially as the big game fish are now running. Yachtsmen generally dislike these boats skippered by selfish people who seldom give a thought to anybody else using the same stretch of water. Anyway, rant over with. On the plus side, we did hook a couple of smaller fish which we enjoyed for supper last night.
We had been intending to leave Great Sale later today to head across to Florida. The winds are certainly right for the trip but unfortunately the atmosphere is now very unstable in the area we are transiting which, in short, means squalls and thunderstorms to 40+ knots. No thank you, we’ll wait another day or so when things dry up.