On the move - but not far

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sat 18 Jul 2009 20:39
Being a large 600 berth marina which sprawls for nearly 1/2 a mile from one end to the other its understandable that berth holders in one part of the marina never get to meet those further down the complex. So our short move from Clubhouse Dock which is about midway along the marina next to the wonderful swimming pool and hot tub facility, to a very pleasant berth at the far end was like visiting another marina. We had made some friendships on Clubhouse - and even got to know many of them by name - a minor miracle for Phil who is dreadful with remembering anybody's details. The WiFi was excellent and the heads and showers a brisk stride away first thing in the morning. There was a small gathering from Clubhouse Dock to see us off, or maybe to witness a possible calamitous exit by the Brits after nearly 5 weeks of inactivity?
Arriving at our new location 10 minutes later brought the seemingly friendly natives of B Dock flocking out of their floating air-conditioned retreats to assist us in tying up, eager to know from whence we had just come,  no doubt noticing our new red ensign flapping in the breeze. "Clubhouse Dock" replied Nikki. "Where's that" was the surprising reply. "Is it far from here?"  "Err - no, its just down the other end of the marina actually" responded Nikki who was surprised by the question. "Oh well, welcome to our neighbourhood. By the way, do you have a weather forecast, my VHF seems to be broken".
So we are already active citizens of B Dock and settling in nicely for the few days we plan to be here before heading off in the direction of Annapolis then performing a U-turn to head back south a few miles and into the Potomac to visit Washington DC.
Here are 2 pics of our new location in Herrington Harbour North.