1200on 29/3/2009 In position 13:37.71N, 052:32.75W - Those flying fish again!

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 29 Mar 2009 18:28
All ok onboard - Today we have winds of F4 from the NE with a boisterous and uncomfortable sea state caused by a cross swell from the north. Established contact with the yacht we have been in company with for 2 days - A Beneteau called EPHANY with a young couple onboard who hailed us on the VHF last night. We had already broken into watches with Nikki below. Skip trying to start the starboard engine with its dodgy battery when the vhf call came. Having spoken for 5 mins or so to establish that we were both heading to Barbados and that we had previously spoken in Mindelo on the same pontoon we ended the call - shortly after, still in the helmseat where the VHF call had been taken there was a skidding noise on the coachroof ahead and something wet fell into a shocked skips lap before landing on the cockpit floor flapping like mad. A flying fish had gained some extra lift from somewhere and shot straight over the front end of the boat and all the way up the coachroof and through the bimini window which was rolled down for air flow at the time. It was hastily bundled up and thrown back into the sea before it could get below and cause havoc with blood and scales on the new upholstery and carpet. Think a crash helmet and cricket box will now be regulation wear when on watch in future! Yesterday was also the passing of the 3/4 way mark and currently we have just 410 miles to run to Barbados.