In Oriental

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Sun 26 May 2013 18:56
In position 35:01.383N, 076:41.938W
We are now in Oriental having arrived in Beaufort last Tuesday where we spent a night on a mooring courtesy of one of the locals who called from shoreside pointing to an orange looking ball floating out in the harbour. As the current runs strongly through Beaufort we took him up on his kind offer and after help from a nearby cruiser we were soon secure for the night without the worry of drifting out of the harbour again at the change of the tide!
From Beaufort we motored up to Oriental, spending a quiet night at Cedar Creek on the way and are now tied to a marina dock where we may stay for a few weeks at excellent mooring rates. Lots of work to do whilst we are here and this may be a good place to complete some jobs from the ever-growing list that all boats seem to develop when used so extensively.
Blog and pics to follow