1200 on 24/3/2009 In position 14:11.97N,044:02.81W

Phil & Nikki Hoskins
Tue 24 Mar 2009 16:20
All ok onboard -112 miles run yesterday. Some drama early this morning on Phil's watch. Whilst skipper was in galley preparing a smackeral of salami slices on melba toast at 0415am the autopilot decided to drop out of automatic, possibly due to a windshift which, with the poled out genoa meant that the set course which was with the wind previously dead astern was not possible to continue with - in such circumstances the pilot throws in the towel and drops into standby mode to await further instructions from the skipper - who was in the - yes we know where he was - dont we!!!!). With the change in boat movement - ie getting thrown around the galley before a piece of melba toast could be consumed the skipper went outside in the pitch black to find the boat was drifting around at the seas mercy with the genoa flapping and the pole thrashing against the staysail.  No.2 was roused from her sleep to assist in getting the boat (and skipper) under control again. Once all was settled skip returned to his prepared salami snack which had rather lost some of its appeal by that time. Court Marshall proceedings to begin on arrival in Barbados!