Bonaire 2

Sun 8 Jul 2018 23:35

Managed to find a couple of local watering holes all within walking distance of the anchorage

The one thing Bonaire does produce and export is Salt, so we went to see the salt flats, and learned a little of the history,

The slaves who used to work the salt flats used these small two person huts to live and store their belongings while working, for one day a week they then made their way, on foot, 20 miles to the village of Rincorn, the only other village on Bonaire, to spend time with their families and then back to work.

  Flamingo’s are the national bird of Bonaire, the young are having a hard time at the moment, there is a shortage of food for the young and no one has the definitive answer as to why.  Adults are flying off to Venezuela and as the people of Venezuela are having a hard time of things at he moment they are killing and eating the adult birds leaving lots of orphaned young for the sanctuary to try and help, very sad.

  One other thing Bonaire has an abundance of it Cactus, so they distil liquors and spirts, we had to have a sampling....  Very nice but as only small amounts produced, very expensive....


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