Back to Trinidad

Mon 23 Oct 2017 18:07

Arrived back onto Quicksilver and Chris has made sure the celebrations continue, bunting decorated the decks, flowers, chocolates and bubbles await along with a delicious meal, it is good to be home.

 cid:image002.jpg@01D348FB.0B6ED380 My next treat was a visit to the Green Market in Santa Cruz, a special Chocolate Fest celebrating all things Cocoa from the local farmers cooperative, from coco butters, to jewellery from the husks, a cookery demonstration and chocolate tastings, a great morning with Mike and Katrina, Sue and Dag S/V Nordlys. cid:image001.jpg@01D34900.487B3CA0 cid:image003.jpg@01D34900.487B3CA0 cid:image004.jpg@01D34900.487B3CA0 cid:image005.jpg@01D34900.487B3CA0  cid:image006.jpg@01D34900.487B3CA0