Wed 12 Mar 2014 18:25
Named the ‘Velcro Isle’ by most cruising people, Grenada once again became home for us, note we were making a quick trip and then on up to Cumberland Bay, St Vincent with clothes and household goods for the flood victims, well four weeks later we set off North......  What happened in Grenada?, well apart from enjoying the social scene and catching up with friends, cruisers and non cruisers alike, enjoying fish & chip Fridays and Sunday Lunches at Taffy’s. m_100_3047   m_100_3059 m_100_3060   m_20140209_144158
Watching the local work boats prepare and race in the annual regatta, enjoying local entertainment at the end of the Sailing Week, and generally enjoying life in Grenada
  m_100_3080m_100_3085 m_100_3076  m_100_3091 m_100_3067 m_20140126_110721    
m_20140212_095440 m_20140217_133849 m_20140218_162930 m_20140217_141101  We got caught in the internet trap while we sold Foresters Cottage!  From posting the sale sign on the web at the end of December until the 7th of January when we had first contact it took until the 21st of February for the cheque to be deposited and the sale to finalise.  So we celebrated in style....  If we had had any idea of the trouble these people were
m_20140221_181529 m_20140221_181744 m_20140221_182045 going to cause over the agreement to buy the contents of house and workshops and just general pettiness we might not have been so happy to close, however, Foresters has sold in good time and so we will not sweat the small stuff, that is what solicitors are paid to do! x