12: 00.055N 061: 43.659W

Tue 27 Jan 2015 21:20
We had a great sail up here, sailed the whole way with main, Genoa and for a while the stay sail, the main performed well, we are very pleased with it.  We left at 02.00, Friday, should have been midnight but we slept in, arrive here 16.30 in time to drop the hook in Calivigny Cut and get to Taffy’s for our fix of Fish and Chips! 
Saturday we enjoyed the company of Tim & Babes, Sunshine II and Ray & Irene while we cooked the first catch of the season, two beautiful Barracuda, caught on the Scarborough reel I have claimed as mine!  Thank you Robin Quick.                                                                                       
m_IMG_0165  m_IMG_0170   m_IMG_0164 
We are reaping the benefits of the extra solar panels in the ‘eco dome’ also there is fairly constant wind blowing through this cut, all this ‘free’ power.  At the moment Chris is repairing the stack pack where he material has rotted away from the zip, he will make a new one when the sail settles down and we are back in Trinidad m_IMG_0166 m_IMG_0168I m_IMG_0169 It came to my notice that it is pretty obvious who tidied which side of the boat in preparation for this voyage! x