Farewell Antigua

Mon 13 May 2013 21:43
A final visit to the rum shop to add to our rum supply and check out from Customs, Immigration and the Port Authority and early Tuesday morning we begin the great migration South for the Summer.  I definitely think Classic’s and Race Week will be on our annual events calendar in years to come! We are travelling for the next few Islands in the company of C Drifters, Ray and Irene from Lancashire, and our first Port of call will be Martinique, maybe an overnight in Guadeloupe depends on how the sailing is going and how the crew are feeling! 
Yesterday we had a horrid thing happen when one of the swifts that were circling the boat flew into one of our wind generators and died on deck, so Chris’s task today before we leave was to take the generators down and paint the tips of them with fluorescent paint in the hope it will not happen again!  It as never happened in three years but I want to be sure!
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