Postcard from Austria

Sun 1 Jul 2012 13:24
Had a great week prior to the wedding and the wedding weekend was just fabulous, although the weather was not too good we had lots of laughs a few tears a very beautiful bride and just an unbelievably beautiful day.  A day that will be remembered and talk over for a long time to come, so congratulations to Mr. &  Mrs. Philip Rogers!  Thank you both for giving us all such good memories.
100_0897     100_0930
The cakes made by my mam and decorated by her sister.. seen here enjoying the party with my nephew Mark.
100_0918     100_0924
Hayley was escorted by my dad.                                     Mr. & Mrs. Rogers
From the wedding I returned to Scotland to try and get more work done but as ever things don’t go according to any plan so although I achieved a lot in the way of clearing, tidying, sorting and the such I never managed to finish all I thought I would when I planned this trip.  However I did manage to catch up with a few people and that was really good, those I missed sorry I shall see you next time!  My time in Scotland came to and end and so onto the next stage.
Next stage is a visit to Cambridge and a visit to my friends Keith and Roger who entertained me for a couple of nights on my way to Southampton, thank you both so very much for making m e feel so welcome, I look forward to the next visit.
100_0945     100_0950
Roger feeding one of the horses and who could forget Whisky & Soda
So down to Southampton where on Sunday morning I meet with my very good friend Claire Carlson who has just arrived off the Queen Mary, we fly into Graz, Austria in a Citation  (I never did get any photo’s of boarding or leaving the plane).   Josef & Hilda Ehrenbock met us and drove us to the Burg Wartenstein, Gloggnitz, which is Claire's home in Austria and mine for the next 10 days.....
100_0986     100_0987
The entrance door to the Burg and following through the entrance to the courtyard.
100_0984     100_0953
100_0954 Fifteen years on... Vroni still has the picture.                                                                      100_0970Afternoon tea with Claire, Barbara, Lisa and Lucas
On Friday Claire and I went into Vienna where she had been invited to see Don Carlo at the state opera house, I spent the time walking and sightseeing, and enjoying the opulent surroundings in the Sacher Hotel, this is the place where the Sacher Torte was first made by Edward Sacher. 
The weather was fantastic if a little hot at 90 degrees F.  it was an unbelievable time.
100_0980The result of 28 hours in Vienna, all this and a couple of purchases not showing...
Sunday afternoon in the Westermayer Gausthause drinking cold beir while sending this mail, will have no Wi Fi for the next week again but not too bad all things considered x