05 30.449N 054.02.000 St Laurent du Maroni

Thu 13 Nov 2014 15:04
We arrive at our first anchorage in the river Maroni at 21.30 on 1st October after 25 hours motor sailing avoiding fishing boats with 2 miles of trailing nets and no lights, but here we are.  We wait here to meet with the rest of the fleet so we can make our arrival in St Laurent on Friday all together, apart from Wind Whisper who decide they can’t stay any longer and have to head back to Tobago, very disappointing for David as it means now there are two boats light for the arrival (Orion 1 has stayed in Suriname although John & Deb have taken a ride with Aces 4).  However we gathered at Crique Coswine and on Friday 3rd October we travel down to a loud and friendly welcome at St Laurent, our final destination on this trip.
m_DSCN1023 m_10659203_695237510569223_8131732762882191954_n m_10451121_10152368217586478_7692298057387507160_n m_10603796_10152368212396478_8360360954081511690_n  m_1238972_10152368215671478_2426040556330175587_n m_IMG_0463 m_DSCN1065 This is the beginning of a week of social activities organised by the Neired’s Rally organisers and sponsors.