Return to Trinidad

Sat 27 Dec 2014 17:50
While I am enjoying life in Florida, Chris is catching up with jobs on Quicksilver; we had; another salt water leak on the journey from Guyana and it has been traced to the steering shaft so that means everything out of the famous back locker, everything out of the aft cabin and Chris to disappear into back locker for hours on end!  During this time he had to have the main sail checked and look to order a new one, in fact quite a list of tasks to get through, so I know he was pleased to see me return on Friday 12th December and offer my help. 
It is of course not all work in Trinidad,  Chris had organised a couple of Christmas treats for me, the first being on the 14th at the Queens Hall in Port of Spain, an evening to dress up and enjoy The Lydians: Singers, Steel, Orchestra and Guests perform ‘A Magical Christmas Voyage’ and it was spectacular
On the 15th we joined a mini bus tour into the mountains of the North Shore to Paramin, the hills around Paramin are terraced and farmed and I will never again by imported produce, these people deserve every cent they get for the work they put in.   
 m_IMG_0040 m_IMG_0054 m_IMG_0061 m_IMG_0063 
These hills form a natural amphitheatre which gives an excellent backdrop to the annual Christmas Parang festival.  Parang is the local music played at Christmas, a mix of French and Spanish mixed with Afro/Caribbean beat which reflects the history of Trinidad and Tobago.  While the tour was excellent we were not too sure of the music.
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