12.00.272N 061.44.873W

Sun 22 Apr 2012 17:01
Had a couple of days at Isle de Rhonde and managed a short dive, we got some second hand scuba gear and tried it out for the first time, I am not very good at it yet, but I have the best teacher!  Weather not brilliant, pretty dark and overcast so spent only two nights here and moved off Friday morning to look at nearby Sandy Island and Green Island with a view to having a dive and or snorkel but swell to big to anchor and the weather was still very overcast with a thunderstorm as we rounded the top end of Grenada!  Looked at a couple of anchorages on our way down the coast but not good enough light to see the reefs at the entrances so we headed back to our mooring ball in Hartman. 
DSCF3034 they call this rock ‘London Bridge’ as you see it has London weather as well!
DSCF3036 This is why Grenada has rain forests........
DSCF3037      DSCF3038
on the upside we now have full water tanks and a salt free hull.  Saturday dawned bright and sunny we have met up with Sunshine 3 and Moondance as well as our old “neighbours” here in Hartman and Saturday night was spent at De Big Fish dancing (at least me) to the Doc Adams Rock and Roll Band, (he gets around this doc guy!) and Sunday morning has been spent watching the Bahrain Grand Prix and enjoying an ‘English Breakfast’ also at De Big Fish.   x