12.00.37N 061.44.17W

Tue 28 Jan 2014 15:07
Well, we finally ran out of excuses to leave Trinidad, Sharon is well, a new engine start battery installed, engine checks done, loaded with clothing and household supplies and we are all ready to go and at 17.00 hours on Thursday 23rd January, we lifted anchor in Chaguaramus and headed Quicksilver for Grenada. 
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According to Captain Chris this is Sharon’s position, beginning middle and end of the journey, always at the ready!!  Kudos to anyone who notices our new and crisp red ensign, the old one which has served us well since we purchased QS and has an Atlantic Crossing under its belt has been retired, a ceremony will follow.....
A 20 hour sail followed with tides, heavy seas and choppy conditions all giving rise to an interesting sail, we resorted to tacking which is almost unheard of here in the WI but an enjoyable trip and our arrival in Grenada was timed at 13.00, checked in with customs and ready for Fish and Chips at Taffy’s with ‘the fleet’ by 17.00.  Like we have never been away from beautiful Grenada.