14.04N 059.05W

Mon 20 Dec 2010 00:39
Sunday 19th December
11.00hrs UTC 140 miles to go
The wind increased all day yesterday as did the swell, we were sailing hard under Genoa & Main sail overnight  and reduced to Main for the day.  We are trying running ahead of some pretty nasty squalls, one caught us out  and we had to get Chris up pretty sharply,  we ran with it for about 30 minutes and hadn't travelled anywhere just trod water really, Chris has had to be on deck most of the day hand steering.  We are all pretty glad that this is only the second piece of rough weather we have had just a pity it had to come right at the end of the trip.
Things have settled a little now and although a big swell and the odd rogue wave which crashes you about we are making good speed.  A beautiful colourful sunset with rainbows and storm clouds which if you saw in a painting you would not believe it could all have been going on at the same time.  Very mixed feelings in the cockpit at dinner, photographs taken and it is hard to think that this will be the last evening 'at sea'.  We are all looking for our 'Quicksilver ARC 2010' shirts and caps for our arrival in Rodney Bay.
It is 00.30 UTC and we have 60 miles on the GPS to go so the next entry will be from St Lucia and I promise to try and do it once we clear immigration and before I hit the first rum punch!
Thank you all for keeping in touch and all the good wishes we have received mean a lot to us.