September/October 2

Wed 9 Nov 2011 20:06
It is then the turn of Connie & Geoff as they host a pool party at their latest house sit.
We then attend the Canadian Thanksgiving day at Clarkes Court...
All of this leaves Chris exhausted!!
100_0148Calivigny Island
While all this has been going on we have been doing things for Quicksilver, Chris has a Sailrite sewing machine now and QS looks very posh with her oyster coloured sun screen and new sun awnings, and our bespoke dive kit bag hanging from the solar panels is the envy of all.  When I tell you the following storyyou will understand why he lost all brownie points for his sewing projects.....  One of the days while we were securing some bolts to the stern ladder I volunteered to lean inside the locker and hold the spanner onto the bolts while Chris tightened from the outside, so far so good.  I lean through this small opening into a narrow locker and begin to wriggle into position, hanging over the edge of the locker by my hips and feet not quite on deck.  Job finished bolts secure, I cannot wriggle back out!  I didn’t think I was claustrophobic but I did begin to panic and have visions of Chris having to cut me out of the locker.  Chris calmed me down with a laconic “panic is not going to help, it will make it worse”  then the really helpful advise, “problem is, your belly has flopped over the lip of the hatch and you need to get it back over before You can move”.  I will leave the story there but needless to say there are NO photo’s of this episode and he is still working to get the brownie points back!!