St Vincent & the Grenadines

Thu 15 Mar 2012 14:18
Apart from having the winds funnel over the hill tops causing a choppy rolling motion on board Chatham Bay proved to be a good anchorage.  Less commercial that Clifton.a mile of white sand beach with five/six beach bars all selling the same BBq and rum punches for the few cruising yachts that appear, the beach gets really busy when the smaller of the cruise ships arrive (200 – 300 people) and they are all ferried ashore for a few hours snorkeling and experiencing the local culture. 
There is no road access to Chatham you either take a water taxi or walk the steep hills up and down for about a mile to the nearest village of Ashton which has a couple of shops and eat places.  We had a good plate of rice, beans, plantain and Kingfish for a total of 3 pounds, however I don’t think it would have passed the health and safety police but no one was any the worse for it.
I think the highlight for Chris and Robin was the wreck of a 50’ Catamaran on the beach, like magpies the two of them went to collect “useful bits and pieces”, I am just glad that the engines had already gone.......  x
101_0816    101_0796
Looking down into Chatham Bay                                     Looking down into Ashton
DSCF2600    101_0823
Some of the local produce we didn’t buy     and some we did      Mahi Mahi or Dolphin as it called
101_0807    101_0809
Taxi trip back from Ashton along the coast road to Chatham.
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Evening entertainment with Just Imagine......
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DSCF2623 Beachcombing in Chatham Bay