the journey

Fri 3 Aug 2012 17:11
Yes there were a lot of tears on Tuesday, 10th July, sometimes things are really difficult, and leaving the parents at Darlington was one of those times, seemed much harder than when I left them at Glenborrodale 14th August 2010. 
The coach journey was not too bad, I got to Victoria early so managed an hour earlier coach to Gatwick and was there by midnight, once my luggage was on a trolley  I had no problems.  Since British Airways bag drop didn’t open until 05.00 I read a lot, had a couple of coffees and ate my sandwiches, (thank you mam, I am sure everyone knew I had been visiting my mother x) Bags were just OK weight wise, in fact I had one 23 kilo and one 25 kilo so I had to even them out and didn’t get any extra weight charges, I had already paid for an extra bag and my hand luggage weighed in at 20 kilo! Well done British Airways.   Once the bags had gone it was all straight forward until we boarded the aircraft and then there was an engine problem which took two hours to repair, and we had to stay onboard for the whole time!  Apart from being two hours late on arrival in Trinidad, everything was good at this end too.  Chris was at the airport to greet me along with Irene and Ray S/V Sea Drifters, they had arrived on an earlier flight from Tobago.  We all managed to squash into the hire car (good job they are thin people) and eventually I arrive home, Quicksilver was all tidy with a place to sleep Chris’s had had a good tidy in preparation for my arrival.  It is good to be back. x