Yerette, Home of the Humming Bird

Fri 27 Oct 2017 22:18
October arrives, and we have another outing with Jesse, this time to Yerette, where Theo and Gloria Fergusson have turned their garden into a paradise for Humming Birds, out of the 18 species recorded in T&T we can expect to see 13, it would have been 14 but just one week previous to our visit the Tufted Coquette had left on its annual migration to Venezuela.
On our way to Yerette and before the rains arrive we visit Fort George for the panoramic views around Port of Spain.
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Jesse parks under the giant Cottonwood (Kapok) Tree. According to T&T folklore the home of the Demon of Death is a huge kapok, the demon was imprisoned by a carpenter who tricked the devil into entering the tree and Folklore claims he still resides there, so, no one cuts down these trees.
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A very informative talk from Theo introduces us to Humming Birds, amazing creatures that they are, this is followed by a superb lunch provide by Gloria, then a short video presentation, all the time surrounded by Humming Birds. Standing in the garden having these beautiful, metallic iridescent birds darting around you, hearing the humming of their wings in the almost constant motion of feeding on the insects, flower nectar and the nectar produced from sugar and water in the feeders was an amazing experience. The passion Theo and Gloria have for their project is palpable and made for a very, very special trip.
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