10.41.74N 061.18.36W

Fri 16 Aug 2013 11:04
Overnight sailing and we are back in Trinidad!  Check in and straight around to TTSA where we book our anchorage and pay our dues so we can use the shore facilities, home from home!  Well at least for Chris, today is Monday 24th June and I fly to Gatwick on Wednesday 26th.  We have a hectic Tuesday with shopping and getting letters signed from the Marina Office so I can sign of Quicksilver and have the paperwork to sign back on in September, all is going well until Chris steps from the dock to the dinghy and catches his big toe under the pier and pulls off his toenail down to the bottom which is attached by a couple of mms skin!  Yeuk, I don’t know who feel sickest him or me!  He is very brave and I fill him with painkillers but it is obvious he will not be able to accompany me to the Airport in the morning, apart from not walking on it I don’t want it to get any infections.  So off to Port of Spain by public transport, onto Tobago where I fly Monarch Airlines to Gatwick, transfer to Heathrow and fly to Austria for a 10 day visit with Claire at Burg Wartenstein. xx