Still in Trinidad 5

Fri 3 Jan 2014 23:44
We were all prepared for a trip to Point Pierre to visit the yacht club there for a regatta which was cancelled at the last minute, so after moving around from TTSA and into the anchorage at Chaguaramus we decided on  a weekend in Chacachacare, the island which houses the abandoned leper colony, where we met with C Drifters, Chris and Ray took of early in the morning to make the climb of 6 kilometres to the lighthouse which, when it was built, was the highest lighthouse in the world.  Now uninhabited for the last 2 years it is the play ground for the vultures of Chacachacare.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                m_100_2732   m_100_2731 m_100_2737 m_100_2733   m_100_2748 with views of the Venezuelan coast 3 miles to the West of Chacachacare.
On the Saturday night we were joined by Piano, Sue and Malcolm who had Susan and Andrew from Andromeda on board and we had a very entertaining night on C Drifters.  Sunday dawned dull and overcast, Piano had upped anchor and had left by 08.00, so a little swimming a bottom cleaning, we stayed until Monday morning when we returned to Chaguaramus.
Somewhere in this timetable we took a ferry down to Port of Spain and then on to San Ferdinando, where you can see the ‘last train’, not a very inspiring city and I can’t find the photographs but it was worth a look.  Pot lucks every Monday at TTSA and Thursday at Cruise Inn, it is a very busy time in Trinidad.