Hartman & Birthday Boy

Thu 7 Jul 2011 20:48
With Just Imagine departed to Trinidad and Balu to Switzerland we move from Prickly Bay to Mount Hartman, all of four miles but a less open anchorage although more off the beaten track, there are no regular busses but you can dinghy around to Clarkes Court where there is a local bus service from Woburn.  Twice a week there is a bus from the Marina which takes you to all the chandlers, hardware shops and supermarkets you need so it is not to bad.  The Marina has shower rooms and laundry facilities although we have had so much rain we have enough water not to need showers ashore.  We anchor fairly close in to the mangroves in a sandy/muddy bottom, so if the worst comes we can secure in the mangroves and baton down, our close      
neighbours are Cindy & Steve on Jossy Bird and David, boat with no name.
101_0002                                 101_0004
Entrance to Mount Hartman
101_0351                                  101_0001  
Jossy Bird                                                                                                        Boat with no name
Since we have settled here for the last couple of weeks and living quietly (fairly) we decided to splurge for Chris’s birthday.  There is a restaurant called the Little Dipper which has half a dozen tables and serves only local food.. no menu just whatever is cooking that night so a couple of friend joined us for a really good evening.  Fried Green Bananas with garlic dip to start followed by Curried Lambi, (conche), Fresh Tuna, or Creole Chicken all tried and pronounced just excellent, really basic place but what a view.......
101_0347                                                            101_0348
Gus & Terri, Nino.            Eileen & Kevin, Chameleon.  Just look at the view down towards Hogg Island
101_0343    101_0341   101_0342           
                                                                                And don’t the Birthday Boy look Just Dandy!
Chris says a big thank you for all the good wishes and cards for his Birthday, I did make a cake but it was a bit of a disaster so had to stick candles in the last of the fruit cakes brought from home....Mother get baking we may have to return home soon......  We drank a toast to everyone at home and I sang Happy Birthday for you all, he could have done without that I think.