Thu 10 Nov 2011 13:05
Evening view north from our mooring ball in Chaguaramas
Taste of Trinidad road trip:
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Trinidad cuisine in the main towns is mainly American and if you ask young Trinidadians where is good to eat most will say KFC, but Jesse James (yes that is the name he goes by) took us out of the main city and we ate from local vendors serving traditional foods.  An eastern Indian influence from the indentured workers who replaced the west Indian slaves with lots of seriously hot peppers, I learned to ask for ‘no sauce’ on most of the dishes.
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Jesse preparing pineapple chow. (pineapple, garlic, salt, chopped hot pepper) although the hot pepper is removed before serving the heat it left was too much for me!  Cutting raw sugar cane for us to chew as a palate cleanser............  Keep this up and I will have to seriously consider giving up the bikinis!x