Taffys' Bar Restaurant & Grill

Fri 16 Aug 2013 10:52
Susan and Taffy along with their charming son Leslie make you feel very welcome with wonderful home cooked Sunday Roasts, Fish and Chips and just general good ‘Craic’.  Taffy(alias Colin) a Welshman, (we don’t hold that against him, though maybe Graham, an Irishman does,) a Man United supporter and his lovely wife Susan came to Grenada 18 years ago and stayed, literally watched their return plane leave as they sat on the beach at Grande Anse, they adopted their charming son Leslie and have made their home on the Island.  Settling in Taffy’s Bar and Grill where there is always a warm welcome and a cold beer or two waiting for you.....
m_100_2006m_100_2012m_100_2158m_100_2166m_100_2154m_100_2199m_100_2191m_100_2009Taffy & Susan, Leslie is ‘not for photographing’ as he says, and you wont believe I have forgotten the name of the gorgeous Lab/Doberman Cross !!