10.41.74N 061.18.36W

Sun 6 May 2012 18:48
We did it we are here and hauled......
DSCF3041Moondance and Quicksilver in Hartman
On Monday 30th April we moored Moondance alongside us in Mount Hartman Bay where she will stay for the duration of the summer and Robert and Caroline go home to America, we dropped our line at 22.00 hrs. and once through the reef we hauled full main and gib and headed almost due South following the Southern Cross towards Trinidad.  A good Easterly wind, clear starry night and we were set to do 2 hour watches, Chris took the first while I lay in the cockpit to snooze and the next thing I am really aware of is the sun rise!  Chris had done the whole night while I slept, sorry Chris! 
DSCF3051 I awoke in time to see the Hibiscus oil platform come into view but unfortunately with the sun came the threat of Squalls which by 09.00 hrs. we had a down pour, however a couple of hours later we could see the entrance to the first Boca into Chaguaramus, we have arrived in Trinidad.  After nearly three hours with Customs and Immigration we were cleared to move around to Scotland Bay in to the North of Chaguaramus.  This is a beautiful anchorage you feel as if you are in the rain forest, surrounded on three sides by jungle with howler monkeys, fruit bats and all the noises of the jungle.... camera didn’t work!  will remember photographs when we next go there.
3rd May 08.30 we turn up at power boats to be hauled and put into the yard for the summer....