15.52N 061.35W

Wed 11 May 2011 16:11
Having left Simpson Bay on Sunday afternoon we had a fast and wet night sail which included an electric storm, very spectacular but not really what you want when you are offering the tallest point for miles! A very pleasant day sail, takes us down past St Kitts & Nevis, Monserrat and Antigua and onto the West coast of Guadaloupe where anchored for Monday night by Pigeon Island.  Dawn sees us sailing slowly towards Isles de Saintes which is somewhere we missed on the way up and everyone who has visited says they are charming so..... the wind dies completely and we motor into the small group of islands collectively know as âThe Saintsâ.  They are French islands and totally different from any we have yet seen, since there was no slavery here there s no poverty and or shanty villages the whole place is clean and well tended.  The water is beautiful, warm and full of fish so we may spend a few days here, so far we have scrubbed the hull of Quicksilver and the bottom of the dinghy so it is not all play. xx