Trinidad and beyond

Sat 9 May 2015 16:37
After a steady and fast sail with a variety of sail changes en route we end the journey with a triple reefed main and small genoa, after 21 hours on Tuesday 31st March we drop anchor in Scotland Bay and grab a couple of hours sleep.  Then onto TTSA, where, after a total of 900 sailing miles this season we  check in with Immigration and make arrangements to put QS on a mooring while we are away in the UK.  The reason for our shortened sailing season is that the parents are celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary and so for the first time in five years Chris is returning to England with me to join with the rest of the family for this special occasion.  I am glad we gave ourselves a week to get organised, because, since it is Easter offices are closing for a long weekend, starting Thursday, so we spend Wednesday getting all relevant paperwork in order, dotting the I’s and crossing T’s so there will ne no problem when we check out on Tuesday morning, only in Trinidad ......  The rest of the time preparing QS and ourselves for the trip, an afternoon off on Saturday for a hike and then m_IMG_0522 m_IMG_0524  the journey will begin.  First of all I need to get Chris out of the pool,
m_20150406_150050 and to the bus stop, m_IMG_0526 then to the bus station,
m_IMG_0528 and maybe a little early ....... but onto the Airport m_IMG_0530 Finally the plane is allowed to take off, only after they have removed the swarm of bees which had hampered access to the Aircraft m_20150407_172938