Cumberland Bay

Wed 12 Mar 2014 19:01
A nice three days moving up the coast of Grenada, from Halifax, where we heard from Sunshine III, who have had to return to base with mast strut and rigging problems, we hope they can get it all sorted and manage to get some sailing in this season.  Maris might recognise the picture from Paradise Beach.
 m_20140220_083116 m_100_3095 m_20140222_084042On to Hillsborough where we Check out of Grenada and head to Union Island to check in, from Frigate Bay we have a days sail to St Vincent and Cumberland Bay where we are met by Carlos, who is the contact for the aid to the local communities, introduced to us by Graham & Joan from Karma, who have had to leave before we could get here.   So we drop anchor and tie stern on to a tree on the beach, prizes for guessing it was not a fishing line we have mounted on the stern...  I have to allow Chris’s idea was a good one, and he did well to ignore the face I pulled in Budget Marine when he asked if we could have the reel if we bought the end of the rope...   Then we begin to bring on deck the baggage to go ashore..
m_20140227_141411 m_20140227_141555 m_20140227_141445m_100_3100 m_100_3101m_100_3106m_100_3109 And after Chris fixed the propeller on Carlos’s outboard motor, which took a bit longer than anticipated, it got dark, we had a lovely dinner with Mommy Elma and then off to an early start on our way to St Martin where we are headed to collect a new part to repair the water maker which has sprung a leak.x