14.31N 049.34W

Tue 14 Dec 2010 23:38
Tuesday 14th December
It is good to know that you are out there reading this blog, quick as a flash I received a copy of Seafever, thank you Roma, Sue has now been set the title 'Are we nearly there yet?' I will publish her response to this challenge. 
A wonderful night last night, we were following the moon path as it set in front of us also we enjoyed a meteor shower, the 'Geminid meteors' which is an annual event occurring around the 13th -14th December
Winds much the same today, squalls with showers which don't last long and are warm but they soak you, just as well you dry pretty quickly.  Average speed 5.5kts, Quicksilver has settled into a rolling motion which is beginning to drive me mad, even the basic task of making a cup of tea becomes a feat of acrobatics and heaven help you if you do not fasten everything securely down!
At 18.30 hours we have 650 miles to go.
115 nm travelled