14.34N 047.35W

Mon 13 Dec 2010 18:05
Monday 13th December
08.00 and 800 miles to go.  Winds 9 -17 kts NNE averaging 5 kts, beautiful sunny day, we have been visited by three Roseate terns yesterday, gave us another fly past this morning such lovely birds and nice to see out here.  12.15 hrs crew spotted large sail on the horizon, 8 miles away, 13.15 it was decided it was the front end of large container ship which had disappeared into the far horizon, I think we may have been at sea too long!
We were discussing various sea poems the other day having recited Seafever and only getting as far as ...'and a star to steer her by', Chris mentioned that these days it was difficult to gee anything to rhyme with GPS... a challenge to our trusty Sue who came up with the following:
A short Poem, in the style of the first part of Seafever, (sorry John Masefield)
We must down to the Ocean now
And hope we don't get in a mess
All aboard the yacht Quicksilver
And steer by her GPS.
22 days on the Atlantic are we
All sunburned, suntanned, but confess,
We'd be stuck without the Hydrovane
Because we need power for the GPS.
Seven or Eight days more we think,
Next weekend for dinner we'll dress.
All ashore, we hope, in St Lucia
with the aid of our GPS!

Sue Barrett Crew Quicksilver no 207 25th ARC

(Dad, if you are reading this please ask mum for the words to the original.x)

132 nm