Mount Hartman Bay

Mon 8 Aug 2011 14:30
One month on and here we are still in Mt Hartman, watching the topical weather come in and we have just watched tropical Emily move to the North of us.  The temperatures are in the high nineties with 95% humidity most days so we look a little like wet dish rags but so does everyone else and it doesn’t stop you from enjoying yourself does it?
Everything in Grenada starts gearing towards Carnival from July onwards: so we thought we would get in on the action check out the outfits!  Hayley I promise not to wear it for the wedding......... x
I will fill in the blanks for the month of July later, but as it is one year ago today August 8th our journey began I think it is good to celebrate Grenadian  Style with Carnival......
today at 04.30 our carnival began with J’Ouvert, difficult to describe, lots of jab jab, didn’t understand the oil bit, covering yourself with waste engine oil seems a bit excessive to me but it was great fun even though we stuck to coloured paints.  Each parish has it’s own colour theme and we ended the morning wearing all twelve colours.  Some of the guys in the parades started their parties on Sunday night with the final of the Pan Band competitions and will continue until Wednesday with the ‘LIme Down’ (for “limeing”read drinking rum, chilling out and chewing over the events of the past three days on the Grand Anse Beach.  We are now home preparing for this evenings party which will start at 20.00 and then we rest until tomorrow afternoon’s Pretty Mas Parade.
Pictures will follow........................................ xx