St Martin

Sun 10 May 2015 15:57
m_20150429_120406 So after three weeks of which we both enjoyed every minute, on the 29th April we say goodbye to a wet Gatwick Airport and return to Trinidad and Quicksilver.  For some reason, only know to themselves, the immigration at Piarco Airport will only give us a two day visa stamp, and as Trinidad is in the middle of an industrial dispute with landfill workers setting fires to landfills resulting in a pall of plastic smelling smoke covering Chaguaramus, we decide to depart to St Martin.  Reasons to be cheerful, m_IMG_0626 we leave TTSA at 05.30 on Saturday, 463 miles and 76 hours later we put our anchor down in Marigot Bay St Martin, where we will be for a couple/three weeks.