14.28N 053.26W

Thu 16 Dec 2010 15:22
We had a lot of shipping activity last night, well at least three vessels and one which altered course to pass to our stern, MV Sophia on her way to South Africa.  Chris called on the VHF to thank her and to hear that we were visible on AIS but no boat name was showing, just as interest for us.
Overnight the wind died completely and by 05.00hrs we had to have the engine on, again we used this time to fill number 1 and 2 tanks and Chris is putting diesel in the tanks, once again dirty diesel, this time from Cap Verde Island.  The engine is off at 11.00hrs and we are doing 2 - 3 kts over ground, we have taken in the towed generator as it is acting as a sea anchor and we are not going fast enough to even fish!  The weather forecasts we are getting are foe 13 - 19 kts of wind in our area but they are not here!
Same rainbow in place this morning only extended, various thoughts as to why it is there: Back door to St Lucia? Entrance to the St Lucia triangle?  A Multi coloured hole (as opposed to a black one) I dismiss 'a rain shower' as the silliest explanation.
It is so hot and muggy, real energy sapping stuff, even the birds have deserted us today.
09.00 450nm to go
103nm travelled in 24hrs