14.04.59N 060.57.75W;

Sat 25 May 2013 22:47
Arrived in St Lucia around midday after a great sail from Martinique, quite sad to leave the French Islands as we both like the atmosphere there very much, just too expensive to live there.  We have had so many great sails down from Antigua, different conditions each day, dolphins to entertain us, and the wind blowing mainly from the East with the trades so from here down we should have it on the beam, at least that is what the books say!  We had an interesting short day sailing to Marin when we had wind against tide and it was a little like being in a washing machine, however hope that is behind us now!
As for todays fishing story..... Ray called to say he had a Dolphin fish take his bait and swim off with the lure......... Our strike was a Mahi Mahi which left the bait but refused to be reeled in so lives to tell the tale.  However what this means is that the Oracle was right and all we needed was the correct rig and instructions how to deploy it, can’t wait for tomorrow! x