More moves

Wed 6 Jul 2011 19:36
We made the move of approximately 7 miles from CCBay around into Prickly Bay with Just Imagine and met up with Ray and Leah, Equinox for happy hour at De Big Fish, Ray & Leah are planning on a trip to Venezuela fairly soon we wish them a safe passage.
Every Friday evening in the fishing village of Gouyave they close of a couple of streets and they have what they call ‘Fish Friday’ lots of food stalls, (all types of fish dishes mostly unrecognisable) and live music and of course the rum..... we chose a particular good Friday to go as it was the 6th year anniversary so there was lots of entertainment and a very busy venue.
We then sailed around to Fort George which is the capitol of Grenada and anchored in the bay, went to visit Thomas & Regula in the marina, very nice marina but a bit pricey.  We planned to go to a snorkel site just North of St Georges at Dragon Bay where they have placed underwater sculptures, however we encountered fog so had to put that trip on hold and return to Prickly Bay.  No journey is without some drama and on our way around the coast we were trailing our usual empty fishing line when a Frigate bird flew into it, so down with the sails slowly reel in fishing line which this stupid bird is tying itself up in and then to the rescue!  Having given it a finger to chew on in the first instance, Chris held the beak and I cut out the line, remembering this thing has a 5ft wingspan it was an interesting task, enough said the first was launched into the blue skies and last seen shaking itself and heading for shore!
101_0288                101_0289
We arrive back in Prickly Bay for a couple more social engagements before Thomas & Regula head for Switzerland for 5 weeks and Cheryl and Robin to Trinidad and then Stateside until October. 
Found this webpage with some good pictures of the Caribbean, none of us though!!