Sun 28 Aug 2011 20:27
Hurricane Irene, passed to the North of us and continues to batter the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, this is the time for tropical storms and hurricanes, the last hurricane to hit Grenada was Ivan in 2004 and there are still signs of around the Island.  Storms and Hurricanes should always track North and West of Grenada (that is why we are here) but we all watch each weather system with a wary eye.
Social life has been put  on hold, I managed to get this blog up to date while sitting at Chris’s bedside in the St Augustine’s hospital.  Chris had a cold just before Carnival, (typical man flu) a for a few days after he didn’t feel so good, nothing specific just aches and pains.   By Thursday 18th he was in bed with a temperature which went up and down and on Tuesday morning, 23rd he was admitted to hospital with a temperature of 103.  Blood tests and X-rays, intravenous fluids showed it to be Dengue fever.  He was in hospital until Friday and allowed home with pills and potions to report back for further blood tests in two weeks time.  The private hospital was very small and well run, Dr Keitch was excellent and thank god for medical insurance, never travel without it!
Dengue is the result of a mosquito bite and is quite a debilitating fever, he has very little energy and has been warned it could take a long time to get back to fitness.  So a bit of a scare.
Everyone has been really good here, offers of help from driving to shopping to a place for me to stay if I didn’t want to be alone on Quicksilver, lots of “if you need us call us”.  And to the person who offered to fly out here if I needed you, words fail me.