14.05N 035.32W

Wed 8 Dec 2010 17:45
Wednesday 8th December
We found the winds!!  We set the spinnaker yesterday and that is a sure wind inducer, we had a beautiful hour and then the squalls came and with them the wind, down with the Spinnaker and up with the poled out Genoa, at 18kts and increasing, we  were averaging a steady 6kts.  Overnight we had gusts of 29kts and were doing average 7.5kts with 9kt being seen a couple of times, Chris was hand steering as the wind vane was having a bit of a chew with the gusts and high swells.  Late am we seem to have run out of the squalls, (more forecast for tonight), back to steering vane and some well earned rest for Chris.  Well helmed.
Big swells but with NE winds and an average of 6.5kts we are doing grand.  Glad we all showered yesterday would have lost someone overboard today!