Chris's Birthday

Wed 8 Aug 2012 14:50
Of course while I am floating around Europe having fun, life continues onboard Quicksilver and one of the things I missed was Chris’s birthday, so while I am sorting out the pension he is enjoying his birthday in style, the following is lifted straight from the web page of S/V Skylark:
Several cruisers gathered to celebrate Chris's 65th birthday (s/v Quicksilver) over at Power Boats Marina. Any birthday is a reason to eat, drink and share stories. One of our friends, Graham (s/v Karma) was bitten by a boatyard stray dog the other day and that was a big topic of conversation. Graham and his wife Joni are from Ireland. Chris, birthday boy is from the UK. Friends Cheryl and Rob (s/v Just Imagine) are Canadian. Annie and Liam from Australia (s/v Gone with the Wind) dropped by, as did several others. Everyone brought something to grill and something to share. Like I said, any excuse.
Tomorrow Ed is crewing on a race boat across the bay. Chris invited him and it should be a lot of fun. Mostly the racers are Trini's but this boat is owned by a fellow cruiser.
From blog of S/V Skylark Elizabeth, Ed and Luna the dog
!cid_1_257689230@web121101_mail_ne1_yahoo (2)While Chris takes his time dividing up the Chocolate Brownie which was his birthday cake, Robin practices his Labrador look.  Happy Birthday my love, you know I was there in spirit of not in body x
!cid_2_257689230@web121101_mail_ne1_yahoo (2)Joanie S/V Karma,standing, Cheryl S/V Just Imagine, front left, Ellen S/V Miclo 3