12.37.787N 061.21.444W

Fri 13 Apr 2012 22:31
Tobago Cays, part of St Vincent and the Grenadines a National Park is actually a group of small Island and a horseshoe shaped coral reef which has fabulous snorkeling!  We arrived last night after a great 5 hour sail down here, winds mainly on the beam,  main sail and genoa used the stay sail as well for a short time, only downside was the medium to large fish we hooked escaped as we tried to land it, must buy a landing net!!  We have dropped our anchor in about 12 foot of water which is so clear you can see the bottom and were greeted by a Spotted Eagle Ray which leapt out of the water along side of us, twice!
Went swimming around the boat this morning and saw a Southern Stingray, Large Barracuda (hiding under JI’s hull,) Turtle and Box Fish.  Went to the Turtle Pool this afternoon and wow, lost count of the number of turtles we were swimming with!  The turtle pool is an area that is roped of in the corner of the bay, it has a sandy bottom with lots of turtle grass and hey guess what the turtles come to feed there, you also get all the rays and Cuttle Fish (most I have ever seen in one swim)
So it is cocktail hour and our view from the cockpit on QS is looking west over the Island of Mayreau
DSCF2833        DSCF2837
We will not be able to see the green flash from here because the Island is in the way but I forgot to mention that while in Bequia we arrived on Sunshine 2 just in time to see a green flash, (number 2 in the Caribbean).  It was not a promising night with some low horizon cloud but the gap was just big enough to catch the flash, great!  Especially since Tim said afterwards it was the first one they had seen.